Easter brings New Life

This article first appeared in the Marathon Mercury, April 2021.

Although we had some warm weather recently it’s hard to believe that it is, indeed, Spring. Certainly, when the majority of the snow melted away in March we had begun to believe it. But then the cold wind and snow returned and it feels like Winter once again. However, despite this weather, I am seeing all sorts of new life budding in our town right now.

There is new life in the lengthening days and the sunshine, in children back at our playgrounds raising their voices with screams of glee.

There is new life in old buildings being torn down, making way for the new, and in new businesses that have found ways to open despite the present challenges.

There is new life found in bundled-up newborns, and seed packets arriving in the mail.

New life can be found in all the newcomers who have moved to Marathon this past year, despite this pandemic!

And, we have seen new life in a small glass bottle and syringe, calling our vulnerable community members back from the shadow of death.

I am reminded, this Easter season, of the persistence of new life, of how it pushes back against the shadows of fear and death. I feel inspired by the Holy Mystery of Easter and the possibilities it calls us to dream for ourselves.

New life can be awfully hard to see when the bud is so small and fragile, yet, it’s there. Just think, with a nurturing hand imagine what we can grow!

So, a joyous Easter season to each of you. I hope you’ll discover some signs of new life this week in your homes, and around our beautiful town. Or, just maybe, you’ll feel inspired, to plant and nurture a seed yourself.

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