Selina Mullin [she/her] is a congregational minister in Marathon, ON, a graduate of the United Theological College at the Montreal School of Theology, and candidate for ordination in the United Church of Canada.

Selina loves working with folks of all ages, and is passionate about inclusivity and accessibility. She loves incorporating creative projects into worship, and making communities of faith spaces for exploration and dialogue.

Other Works

“A Wish”, The Canadian Journal of Theology Mental Health and Disability 1 no. 2, Fall 2021, Creative Submission, ISSN 2563-9374


Selina is available for speaking engagements and workshops by request. Contact me!

  • Better Bible Reading for Skeptics and Dogmatics (a guide to exegesis and hermenutics for the lay person)
  • Feminist Theologies 101 (a short history of different feminist movements and how they connect with faith)
  • Queer & Christian without Contradiction (available as a panel discussion or workshop)
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