How to make your Easter feel sacred when you’re stuck at home

So you’re stuck at home, self-isolating, and wondering what you’re going to do to make Holy Week feel, well, holy! Where you might normally go out to church to participate in the stations of the cross, a Maundy Thursday supper and foot-washing, a Good Friday service, and the big finale – Easter Sunday service! – now you’re at home with your cat. The question has to be asked, what can we do at home to make this Easter still feel like Easter? Here is a list of activities suitable for folks of all ages that you can try to make this coming week feel special.

Bored!? Cooped-up crafts and activities for young and old

This pandemic, and necessary social isolation, have been hard on all of us. Tempers are running high and families, as the days turn into weeks, are getting pretty cranky with each other. What we need is a good old fashioned list of things to do with ourselves beyond family movies night and FaceTiming other relatives. So here is my little round up of fun things to do with your family. Some of them have a faith angle to them, but all invite us to connect with God through our creativity and our wonder.