Holy Mischief // SCM Canada

I was privileged this week to be offered a position on the Board of the Student Christian Movement in Canada as the Communications and Resource Board Member (lovingly known as the Director of Propaganda). I have accepted the position with a bit of surprise, knowing this organization has a wonderful legacy of meaningful work and prestigiousContinue reading “Holy Mischief // SCM Canada”

Gathering in resistance and passion // Cahoots! Fest 2014

Cahoots! a Festival on Faith, Justice and DIY I recently returned from an incredible time at Cahoots! a wonderful inter-generational ecumenical event hosted by the Student Christian Movement and The Beans Sprout Collective. The four-day event was filled with music, discussion, incredible vegan food, and 155 enthusiastic participants. Hosted at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp near SaubleContinue reading “Gathering in resistance and passion // Cahoots! Fest 2014”

A Review // A “Rape Culture” Tutorial for the Naysayers

Tula Drimonis recently, on the wake of International Women’s Day, published an incredibly poignant Huffington Post article. Today is March 8th, so let me share my own thoughts on this important day–a day we remember women who experienced much of what Drimonis writes about. Rape culture, this can be a hard concept to explain, butContinue reading “A Review // A “Rape Culture” Tutorial for the Naysayers”